Check out our list of FAQs prepared to clarify your doubts.

No, you will simply need to connect the camera to the internet using a modem/router.
Yes. Our cams have an IP 67 degree of protection and can, therefore, tolerate rough weather conditions.
A standard ADSL with an upload speed of at least 500 kbps (0.5 Mbps) is sufficient. You can test your ADSL speed at www.speedtest.net.
Please note that our cameras use DHCP protocol to obtain an automatic IP address, the transmission will begin automatically with no need for software configuration (for example: port forwarding); for this reason a static public IP is not necessary.
If the router is not equipped with a DHCP server, the IP address can be configured manually.
UMTS, 3G, 4G OR LTE connections with an upload speed of at least 500 kbps (0.5 Mbps) can be used. However, it should be considered that, on a daily basis, the camera's traffic will amount to 4GB, that is over 100 GB of data traffic per month.
No. However, the camera can be connected to a Wi-Fi Access Point using an Ethernet cable and then to a Wi-Fi router.
For example:
TP-Link TL-WR802N Nano Router (for indoor installations)
Ubiquiti Networks NanoStation Loco M2 (for outdoor installations).
If the router and the camera are in the same apartment and are connected to the same electric meter, a powerline (device that transmits the internet signal through the electric network) can be used.
It is otherwise possible to connect the camera to a Wi-Fi Access Point and use the wireless transmission.
Yes, the pole mount is included in the specific kit sent to you.
The camera presents an excellent luminosity that allows visibility in situations with little or no lighting.
The Infrared Illuminator can be activated in these cases. This feature allows visibility during night hours or in total absence of light. However, it should be noted that the image will appear in black and white. We discourage the use of this feature if the camera is intended for tourism purposes.
The only maintenance operation that needs to be carried out is the cleaning of the lens; the frequency can vary depending on the location where the camera is installed (in some cases once every few weeks, in others once a year).
The live video captured by your webcam will be visible on your website.
Depending on the streaming plan chosen, you can embed the live video feed on one or more websites.
The free PREMIUM streaming plan included in our offer will allow you to embed the feed on one website without any commercial ads and on other three websites with overlay ads.
Should you wish to broadcast the feed on a larger number of websites and free of ads, please upgrade to a different plan.
An automatic transmission is not possible.
You can broadcast the view on these platforms using a third-party software.
Please note that we do not offer any kind of technical support on the matter and that you will have to retrieve this software independently.
Depending on the specific streaming plan chosen, live streaming services will be available for a certain number of simultaneous users.

The free PREMIUM plan included in our offer allows up to 100 simultaneous users. Therefore, if your website registers over 100 simultaneous users - beginning with user 101 - the webcam images will no longer be live, but will appear static. These images will update very 60 seconds. As soon as the quantity of users return to the normal limit, the video feed will too return live.

If the limit of users allowed by your plan is frequently surpassed, we suggest that you upgrade to a different streaming plan that presents a higher threshold of simultaneous users.
You can order a camera online, slimply click here.
Yes, while placing your order make sure to enter your business' information. You will receive the related invoice accordingly.
Shipment is carried out with SDA and usually requires 24-48 hours.
No, the PREMIUM streaming plan is included in our offer and it's free for life!
This specific plan allows the client to embed the live feed on one website, without commercial ads, and up to 100 simultaneous users.
The liveincam.com platform will ensure ample exposure to your logo. Also, if you decide to broadcast your view, the warranty covering your camera will be extended to 3 years and you will also benefit from an increase in the number of simultaneous viewers allowed by your free streaming plan.
After having installed the camera, the option will appear on your control panel.
Please note that our staff has the right to reject views considered unsuitable.
No discounts have been contemplated for orders under 50 cameras.
If you'd like to buy more than 50 camerasplease contact our staff.

Yes. The camera is covered by a two year warranty beginning on the date of its purchase. This warranty can be extended to 3 years if the view is broadcast on liveincam.com.
You have the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days of receiving the camera as long as the product and all the accessories provided with it are integral.
To access the process please contact our team.

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